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Standard Brand is present in many food products

Terms of use of the brand standard described in the methodological recommendations

© 2012–2013 Vitaly Stepanenko

Healthy food standard brand


To design international standard brand for fortified foods.


The brand is a stylized image of a cup filled with some conventional element, and at the same time it looks like a stylized children's drawing of a smiling face.


Today, after more than 10 years, Healthy food standard brand can be found in almost any grocery store of the participating countries. The presence of the sign on the packaging of salt and flour guarantees customers the presence of essential food additives.


Art Director: Ildar Karimov.

Standard Brand design:

Vitaly Stepanenko.

Logotype design: Anton Stepanenko.

Metodological recommendation design: Bolat Joltai.

Project manager: Anatoly Kim.

The work is done in the

Joltai Design Studio.