October 2011
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New packaging for promo-campaign

Point of sale poster

© 2012–2013 Vitaly Stepanenko

Assam tea

visual identity


To design a new line Assam tea based on the new pack, to create packages for prom-campaign and advertising materials, materials for HoReCa and more. To compile all material into guidelines.


There are more than 20 packages designs were created and prepared for production during the process. On the basis of the new style were made ​​materials for promotion.


Visual identity guidelines of Assam can greatly simplify the production and to improve the quality of the packaging of all Assam products.


Art Director: Vitaly Stepanenko. Designers: Vitaly Stepanenko, Aigerim Idrisova, Azamat Duysaliyev. Project manager:

Anastasia Matveeva.

The work is done in the

Styx company.