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Shop is divided into two parts: the Dark "Fashion Show" and light "Lace of light."

Shop in shop

Most of the equipment — standard. The illustration does not show the spatial structure and ceiling

For "Men's Zone" equipment partially modified

Inside the dark zone

View of the "Beauty", where you can test cosmetics

Inside the light zone

All design elements are collected on detailed sсhemes

© 2012–2013 Vitaly Stepanenko

"Shop in shop" P&G for Amstore


To make a purchase "Beauty and hygiene"department in hypermarket as pleasant and familiar as in a specified store.


Creation of a zone with a special atmosphere inside the large space of hypermarket.

ResultSale of goods in the "Beauty and Health" department is raised to a new level. Realization of the project predicts increase in sales by 20-25%. The project is not implemented.


Greative Director:

Christoph Marti.

Senior dedigner:

Anton Stepanenko.

Designer: Vitaly Stepanenko.


Vitaly Stepanenko,

Anton Stepanenko.

The strategy of the organization of space is made jointly with

Procter & Gamble.

Work performed in part with the Moscow office Interbrand team.